Segger J-Link support for gd32v framework

I have a Longan Nano microcontroller board by Sipeed. I am able to get a J-Link edu and a J-Link V8 working with the debugger (for the most part). I can upload code, set break points, change variables, etc. This is all done through OpenOCD using upload_protocol = jlink and debug_tool = jlink. My system is Linux Mint 20.

I would like to try debugging via the official segger jlink executables. I believe on other platforms (e.g. sifive) I would use upload_protocol = tool-jlink and debug_tool = tool-jlink. Unfortunatly tool-jlink is not supported for the gd32v framework. The J-Link V8 does not support risc32, but the J-Link edu does.

I tried to hack in support on my installation, but I just don’t know enough about how PlatformIO works to do it. Is there a way I can use the official Segger jlink executable to debug this board? I’d appreciate any help, even if it’s just pointing me in the right direction.

I will reference this (Unable to get started using PIO Unified Debugger with Segger J-Link - #14 by Greg_LooUQ) thread as it seems to be a similar issue. Maybe @ivankravets can help with this one too?