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Secure boot and encryption on esp32-wroom-32e

Hi community… I am working with esp32-wroom-se under platformio and arduino framework…
I would like to ask if there is some libs or if it possible to execute the secure boot and flash encryption ?

Thanks @maxgerhardt

Not supported by the developers.

Plus if you have an older revision ESP32, this is broken anyways: Espressif ESP32: Bypassing Secure Boot using EMFI

Thanks @maxgerhardt … so what do you suggest to do?

If you want a signed + encrypted firmware, the only way I see that happening is when you use the native ESP-IDF toolchain and add Arduino as an ESP-IDF component, then use the ESP-IDF’s menuconfig etc. tooling to generate your signed binaries. I.e., don’t use PlatformIO for this.

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what about this…

t seems he was able to do it…
What do you think @maxgerhardt

This is basically using ESP-IDF’s secure boot + flash encryption firmware, just all the steps manually executed.