Search for a library

Hi everyone, I am trying to search for a library but it returns “no results”… I want the SD library by Adafruit. When I type “SD” or “sd” it returns no results…

I know that the library is there… For example, if I enter “CARD” I can see the library

In general, I find very difficult to search for libraries… Each time it returns no results…
What I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance


I think it’s an unfortunate side effect of the name of the library being so short. If you search for three letter library names or longer, it works fine. Another example is U8glib … if you just search for ‘U8’ you’ll get the ‘no results’ result. It also seems strange you need to specify ‘U8g*’ for it to find the ‘U8g2’ library, I would have expected ‘U8g’ to match that also, but no, ‘U8g’ gives 4 results, whereas ‘U8g*’ gives 9, including the prior four matches. Strange.

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Xmm that’s interesting, thanks for your reply as well as for the bonus information!!

You are right :frowning: We limited FTS engine to 3 chars :frowning:

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