Seamless processor and language changes

I’m a retired test engineer still coding . I have been learning web development to enhance the versatility of my Microcontroller projects. So far atmel328 pro minis, teensy4.1 ,esp8266-01 , 12e,f ,esp32’s. My code paradigm is C, C++, for these processors. Plus the entire gambit of peripherals, displays, drivers, multiplexers, accelerometers etc. Getting all this set up was really not that big of a deal, once I determined the Librarian was my friend. Using VScode on top of this has enabled me to also learn HTML , CSS ,JavaScript and the plethora of enhancements stuffed into web development. I just want to say Thankyou to the Platformio development team for creating this exceptional microcontroller development environment and the tireless ongoing support.

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Thank you for these kind words, and happy coding! :slight_smile: