SdFat library problems

I updated platformio and when I tried to compile, I got an error with the SdFat library.
I’ve been using it by referencing it by it’s library id number (1432)
But now it’s loading the incorrect library, instead of SdFat, I get SigFox instead.
If I go to the library installation page

It says Arduino SigFox for MKRFox1200.
I search for the SdFat library and it can’t be found.

Wich library do you mean?

The SdFat-beta library use to be library Id #1432, but somehow it got mapped to SigFox (the URL for SigFox even has the name SdFat in it).
The class I needed from the beta library (SdFatSdio) has now been moved to the SdFat library, so I can now use SdFat now