SAMD21 (Zero) Chip bricked after upload


I was trying to make my own library. But it goes wrong ^^
I am not the C++ pro. I am learning but this way was to hard.

That are my library files:


#ifndef SRS_Module_h
#define SRS_Module_h

#include “Arduino.h”

struct settings_t{
bool debug;
bool DHCP;
int FadeTime;
int IP1;

extern settings_t settings;

class Configs
void write(bool flasheeprom);
void read();
bool _flasheeprom;



#include <extEEPROM.h>
#include “SRS_Module.h”

extEEPROM myEEPROM(kbits_2, 1, 16, 0x50);

debug = true;
DHCP = false;
FadeTime = 1;
IP1 = 192;

settings_t settings;

byte i2cStat = myEEPROM.begin(myEEPROM.twiClock100kHz);

void Configs::write(bool _flash)
int EEPROMnew =;
if (EEPROMnew != 50 || _flash == true){
myEEPROM.write(0, settings.debug);
myEEPROM.write(1, settings.DHCP);
myEEPROM.write(2, settings.FadeTime);
myEEPROM.write(3, settings.IP1);

After uploading the SAMD21 (Arduino Zero) chip was bricked. No USB was found, No erase with Atmel Studio possible.
It tooks 3 broken Chips to find out if I delete this line all is good.

byte i2cStat = myEEPROM.begin(myEEPROM.twiClock100kHz);

What make I wrong? I must start EEPROM that I can use the functions in the library. If I put this all in the mainfile withou my library all is working.