SAM4E and SAM4S on Platformio & Arduino

Here I extend support for SAM4 boards (SAM4E8E and SAM4S4A) IC with Arduino framework, can be extended for the rest of SAM4E and 4S Series and SAM4 family

Basic hello world is working (blinking LED)

This will bring support for:

  • Atmel SAM4S Xplained (ATSAM4S16C)
  • Atmel SAM4S Xplained Pro (ATSAM4SD32C)
  • Atmel SAM4E Xplained Pro (ATSAM4E16E)
    3D Printer Controllers
  • Duet 2 Wifi (ATSAM4E8E)
  • XYZ DaVinci Jr (ATSAM4E8E)

Is that PRed into as well?


The core is also PRed, but left in draft until claned a bit

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