RP2040 pico changing Registers to utilize the GPIO


I’m trying to use the GPIO led pin by changing its registers but it is not working.
I’m using the following code which should select the pin for SIO operation, initialize the GPIO pin to output with the GPIO_OE reg(0x20) followed by setting them with GPIO_OUT (0x10)

Below you can find my code, what do i wrong, since it’s not working for me

#include <Arduino.h>
#define baseAdress   0x00
#define PinMode *(int*)(baseAdress+SIO_GPIO_OE_OFFSET)
#define PinOut *(int*)(baseAdress+SIO_GPIO_OUT_OFFSET)

#define baseAdressFUNSEL 0x40014000
#define FUNSEL25 *(int*)(baseAdressFUNSEL+0xcc)
void setup() {
void loop() {

I found the issue apparently the base address is 0xd0000000 and not 0x0000, the red color made it hard to read in the datasheet