Reuse old RTK GNSS boards

Is it possible to reuse old RTK GNSS boards using ESP32 or Arduino with Bluetooth?
the boards I have previously packaged work with windows CE-based controller boards which are laggy and not open source.
the boards I have:

Trimble 970 RTK GNSS boards

bdnav 61 r2

Sure why not? You just have to find out which are the power pins and communication pins, like UART.

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I have the pin-out connection in the picture. anyone can help me use this GPS board with Arduino or esp32 or any other MCU. Please !

the board is BDNAV 61 R2

So what’s the UART output on TX1 or TX2 if you just give the thing power via GND and VCC? You can use a USB-UART adapter for it and try all the common baud rates, or look at the signal with a logic analyzer.