restructuredText Error with Snooty?

I recognize this is a VS Code / Plugin issue, but this community is really strong so I am hoping someone will have seen this before.

Whenever I open a project, I get this pop-up error pointing to restructuredText / snooty issues:


The error UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xa3 in position 37: invalid start byte is fairly useless since I have no idea which file it might be puking on.

If I remove the plugin the error goes away - but so does my ability to write rst in the IDE of course.

Any ideas?

I’ve no idea about the Snooty/RST extension, but I’m assuming there’s some way of reporting issues? You might get some debugging help that way.

Edit: This looks like it: GitHub - mongodb/snooty-vscode

Does it have config? Have you changed it? Does it load a config/setup/whatever file at startup? Maybe there’s something there to look into?

Good luck.


Hi Norm, thanks for the reply.

I did know where the repo was, unfortunately, they do not take issues. Given that I have not changed anything about it, I assumed it would run as it has in the past. Posting here was an attempt to see if anyone else at least had a “me too!” but I guess I’m a snowflake today. :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can figure out. I suspect the issue came in when I started replicating my config across my machines. I’ll start with breaking that and seeing it I can clean it up.

Nothing is more frustrating than twisting a knob or pushing a button and breaking something you will not notice till way after you’ve done it and forgotten what you did.

It looks as if there’s a separate fork for the VSCode plugin and I was able to open an issue there.

This is one of “those” exceedingly annoying problems that is sucking up my time but if I could just ignore it, I might be able to get work done.

Hopefully you’ll get a response and a solution.