Restricted mode?

Hi I have just attempted to use PIO and the VSCode window title bar displays :

‘restricted mode is intended for safe code browsing…’

There is no access to PIO via usual icons…

What is all that about and how do I get access to PIO please?

On my dev machine I have no issue of this kind.
thanks for help.

That’s a VS Code feature.

Please see Visual Studio Code Workspace Trust security

Here is a good video about this feature:

thanks, why on one machine and not the other I wonder?
Very frustrating when trying to do stuff in limited timeframes. Time for feedback to MS - as if they ever listen to anyone :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Maybe you just clicked the wrong button on a pop up which was asking for restricted mode.

Yes, as a software developer, I mostly hold myself responsible for ‘strange happenings’, but sadly on this occasion all I did was start the VSCode instance and restricted mode was there by default, never seen it before. No worries, my deadline is past now, due to poor sky visibility. I’ll explore and see how I can manage it.
thanks for help, :slight_smile:

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