[Resolved] Serial Monitor: Serial.print don't work

with the bluepill card connected via st-link dongle, I can’t see the function string on the terminal: Serial.println.

I tried the same code with a NUCLEO F103RB card and it works, where do I make the mistake?
P.S. I use S.O. Linux

S0 is your computer’s physical COM port or the ST-Linkvs? What’s the firmware?

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I think it’s the physical port, otherwise I don’t know how to see that information.
Platformio in the device sees bluepill like this:

while NUCLEO sees it this way:

So it seems /dev/ttyS0 is a permanent COM port on your computers motherboard.

The Nucleo has an on-board ST-Link v2 which is also exposing a virtual COM-port (hence VCP). The normal ST-Linkv2 don’t seem to have this feature. You’ll need to either connect a USB-Serial adapter to your bluepill’s board on PA9 and PA10 (see pinout), or activate the bluepill’s USB functionality (USB-CDC modem) and plug into the computer (some bluepills need a resistor hack, see link before). See also docs here.


Ok it works using usb to serial adapter.
thank you so much

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