Renamed library: fix moved repository and library page URL

The esp32-WiFiSettings library has been renamed to ESP-WiFiSettings, including its repository.
I’m not sure if it will still update automatically that way…?

Current page: PlatformIO Registry
Repository: GitHub - Juerd/ESP-WiFiSettings: WiFi Manager for the ESP32 Arduino environment

You already correctly updated the library.json to include the new name and repository URL, and since Github redirects URLs from the old to the new name is should be picked up shorty; as always, allow the crawler about 48h to pick up the change.

Hi, I have noted a “quirk” on the platformio page of this library as well on other libreries including mine: the Homepage field reports the new repo URL, while the Repository field still shows to the old one. Is it an intended behavior?

Here a screeshot:

Do you know if I can change the “Repository” to match the new repository URL?