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Remote run puts files into wrong directory

I am trying to develop for a Raspberrypi 3b. Since it doesn’t work for cross-compilation I followed this link tempSol. After running the remote agent on the PI, I use “pio remote run --force-remote” to run the project from my laptop. PIO now tells me I need to put my source files int /src folder. Looking up the directories, my main.cpp was uploaded into /include instead of /src.
I am kind of new to this… How do i tell PIO to keep my project structure for remote compiling?
Thanks for help in advance!

How did you check that? Could you provide some details? Does it work without --force-remote flag?

Srry for taking so long to answer. I cannot just run “remote run” since it tells me PIO doesnt support cross-compilation for WiringPi Framework. However if i run “remote run --force-remote” i get “Error: Nothing to build. Please put your source code files to ‘/home/pi/.platformio/remote/projects/my_project-blabla/src’ folder”. Now if i check the remote folder on my RPi everything was uploaded into ‘/home/pi/.platformio/remote/projects/my_project-blabla/include’ instead of the src folder.

Yes, I’m seeing the same behavior with the esp8266 environment as well, files are dropped into /inc not /src. I’ve got an issue open here

The issue was fixed. Please re-run pio update.