Reload Error with CLion

I frequently get this error when executing a “PLATFORMIO_REBUILD_PROJECT_INDEX”:
After this error, the build configuration in CLion is completely gone, so I have to close CLion and do a platformio init --ide clion to get everything back to normal.
I am using PlatformIO version 3.6.4 and CLion 2019.1 EAP on Mac OSX.

Same behaviour for me, after an IDE restart it always works. (Linux + newest CLion)

Where did you find this version? See Download CLion: A Smart Cross-Platform IDE for C and C++
The latest is 2018.3.4.

I can’t reproduce with the latest version. CLion asks me about project reloading which is correct. See screenshot below

EAP is probably early-access-program. But you’re right, it also does ask to reload for me. If you press “Yes” though, the IDE goes wonkers and needs a restart.

EAP is indeed the Early Access Program version of CLion.
I had already concluded that the PlatformIO-CLion integration is far from ideal and moved to the VS Code IDE. Which is a pity because I do all my development work using IntelliJ IDE’s.
For the sake of this support thread I tried CLion-PlatformIO once more and created a simple test project. Alas, things have gone from bad to worse. When importing the project I now get the CLion error message:

Load error: undefined path variables
FILE_PATH is undefined.

Also there is a CLion exception thrown:

java.lang.Throwable: Module 'platformio' and module 'clion' have the same content root: file: .....

BTW: I think the instructions in Redirecting... are a bit off/outdated.
When starting CLion there is no File menu yet. You are allways presented with a welcome screen where you can select an existing project or create/import a new one.
If you select “Import project from sources” and then select the PlatformIO project folder, you must then choose between “Import as a new CMake project” and “Open existing project”.
I selected “Open existing project” but not sure if this is the way to go?

Doesn’t occurr for me on the latest normal stable version (2018.3.4)

Does it work with stable CLion? We don’t support beta software.