[RELEASED] Any news on ESP32 support

Is there any idea on support for the esp32 ?

We will create espressif32 development platform after PlatformIO 3.2 release.

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ouch I already want to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have ESP32 board? How to test it?

Hi, I’ve got an ESP32S module today and got it working with the Arduino core.
I can help testing the espressif32 platform if this would help.

@valeros pushed the first commit to espressif32 development platforms a few days ago. Need to finish work with packages. We will inform here.

I already tried to use this package. But right now the toolchain-xtensa32 dependency can’t be retrieved from the registry. I suppose this will be added later.

Nice to see that both Arduino and ESP-IDF frameworks will be available.

I also have an esp32 develoment board.
i can contribute to the testing

I managed to port the Simba framework to the ESP32 today. Digital pins and threads are up and running. Just as the Simba ESP8266 port, Simba runs as a thread in the Espressif SDK (esp-idf). If/when WiFi libraries can be used without FreeRTOS I intend to remove the esp-idf dependency.

I also managed to run MicroPython on the ESP32 on top of the Simba port. If you are intrested, check out GitHub - eerimoq/pumbaa: Python on Simba..

I have a Nano32 board and will at least test Simba using PlatformIO when the platform is available.


Wow! Cool!

@eerimoq how is difficult to integrate MicroPython to PlatformIO? We have an old issue for that

Here are two approaches for uploading MicroPython to a board:

  1. Upload a pre-built MicroPython binary to their board once. Then upload Python scripts to the device over Ethernet or the serial port.

  2. Generate “frozen” C-files of the Python scripts and compile those and the MicroPython C-code. A drawback is that it takes longer to upload the whole binary compared to jsut uploading the script files as in 1. on a script change.


New development platform Espressif 32 is released!

Docs: Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation
Examples: platform-espressif32/examples at develop · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub

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