Registering Library My GSM Library

Can anyone here help how to registering my library?

I’ve registered it under name GSM Library with ID 1258

But I don’t know why on .piolibdeps only library.json is downloaded. No other files. so sad. :frowning:

You have specified downloadURL and didn’t specify export.include field. As result PIO Crawler doesn’t know where is located your source code.

In any case, your source code is located on GitHub. PIO Crawler can automatically pick up your source code. See my PR:

Nice, thank you, , ,
hope this is solved others problem too.
How much time it takes after changing the json till the platformio recognize it?

Seem like i messed up with my own commit,

See Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation

Updates to existing libraries are done every 24 hours. In case a more urgent update is required, you can post a request on PlatformIO community.