Raspberry Pico an Arduino replacement?

While I love working with PlatformIO and my Arduinos, the following is seemingly an unrelated question.

Can the Pico be used as an Arduino replacement?
As in programmed like an Arduino in C, just with more memory? (and most likely different number of I/Os and other capabilities.)

Do the Arduino libraries work with the Pico?


The Pico, and PiCow, can indeed be used as Arduino replacements, but…

  • Shields for the Arduino don’t yet match up to the pins on the Pico, although I remember seeing a Pico to Arduino format adaptor board that should make them compaitible. EDIT I might be mistaken and the board is to convert a Raspberry Pi, not a Pico, to Arduino format. Sorry.
  • There is now an official Arduino platform for the Pico. See Official Raspberry Pi Pico Support Added to Arduino IDE | Tom's Hardware and Installation — Arduino-Pico 3.1.1 documentation – I have yet to use either of those, my own Pico boards sit idle!
  • If the Arduino libraries have been ported over to the Pico, then yes, they should work. I assume – always a bd idea – that the above mentioned release will include at the very least, the same “built in” libraries as the standard Uno platform does.
  • There is also a PlatformIO package for the Pico, see Raspberry Pi Pico — PlatformIO latest documentation for documentation. Same caveat as aove, I have not yet used this either! Lazy? Me? :wink:



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Yes, it helps.
Have since watched a few Youtubes…
I build a lot of things with Arduino boards, and the Ethernet shield, but have cases where a smaller form factor, PoE or even battery-operated would make sense, and am looking for a replacement platform that can do it all.

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