Raspberry Pi Pico - Zephyr 3.0.0 support available now!

With the release of Zephyr 3.0.0, we now have Zephyr RTOS support for Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 devices. Kudos to the Zephyr team! Excellent effort.

Hopefully once PlatformIO updates to using Zephyr 3.0.0, we’ll also get the seamless 1-Click debugging as well. Currently, outside of PlatformIO, Zephyr requires a custom fork of openocd.


The Pico RP2040, despite the lack of WiFi and Bluetooth in the initial release, has made fantastic progress since it was released in Jan 2021. A lot of folks are waiting for the next iteration. Hopefully we’ll get both low power version plus a quad core with possibly Bluetooth 5 and/or WiFi.

Opened a request to update Zephyr to 3.0.0 for all platforms using Zephyr, plus new addition - Raspberry Pico.