Raspberry Pi Pico multi core programming

Hello, I’m trying to use both cores my Pi Pico has, but it has been not easy to make it work.
I have searched about this topic, and mostly what I found was about uPython (I’m using C++). I also took a look at Pi Pico SDK documentation, but I’m not sure how to implement that using platformIO, and more specifically, Arduino framework.
For example, I’m using void setup() and void loop(), but in Pi Pico SDK documentation, they are using a different method, with int main().
I’m just not sure how to start implementing multicore programming with the Arduino framework. I think I have seen before something like void setup1() and void loop1(), but could find nothing on that anymore…
I’m sorry if I was not clear, English is not my native language.

This is how the Arduino-Pico core allows you to do multiprogramm, and it’s well-documented. You can use this core with PlatformIO as already documented. You can even do multicore debugging.

Thank you so much! I will take a look at those links.
I have one question, related but not really.
Do you think that it’s better to use multicore programming to manage an ultrasonic sensor or should I use interrupts on core0?
Since the sensor uses blocking functions, I have this two options, and I’m thinking multicore because interrupts may also block my program.