Raspberry Pi Pico J-Link Flashing issues fixed by Segger in J-Link V7.50

Hello Everyone!

Last week, I raised a support ticket with Segger regarding the recent J-link issues brought to my attention by @fek9, Raspberry Pi Pico J-Link problem... :(.

The issues were reproducible on the different RP2040 boards in my possession (Raspberry Pi Pico, Adafruit Feather RP2040, and Pimoroni Tiny2040) using Segger J-LInk Edu & JFlashLite,

After providing some detailed J-Link logs and working on the ticket with a Segger software engineer, they were able to reproduce the bug when a RP2040 is in the Mass Storage Device (MSD) mode (i.e. BOOTSEL pressed & RESET toggled so that the RPI-RP2 gets mounted onto the desktop).

Today, Segger got back on their progress. To my delight, a new full release J-Link V7.50 (2021-07-01) firmware has been released that includes fixes for the Raspberry Pi RP2040 boards.



The fixes for the reported issues are listed below.

Raspberry Pi RP2040: Power-cycle or reset pin toggle was needed after 1st debug session to allow a new debug session. Fixed.

Raspberry Pi RP2040: QSPI flash-programming did not work in case the device was still in bootrom under certain circumstances. Fixed.

The second bug fix above refers to the RP2040 flashing when the RP2040 board is in the Mass Storage Device mode. The J-Link firmware now initializes the QSPI controller of the RP2040 correctly.

In my engagement with Segger regarding Support Tickets, I have found their Support & Software Engineers to be very responsive and highly professional. Segger were quick to provide the initial J-Link support for the RP2040 back in mid-Feb 2021, and now with the quick fixes for the issues reported.

In fact, I have another Support ticket regarding J-Link issues with J-Link OB for the micro:bit v2. However, as J-LInk OB is a non-profit product for Segger (Segger CTO responded to the ticket), the proposed timeline of several months for the fixes is quite understandable.

Now, How often do you get a CTO responding to a Support Ticket? Never in my years as a Software Consultant. Very impressive indeed!

Morning zpm1066

Thx’s for the feedback, I’ve updated to J-Link V7.50…

I’ve managed to repeatedly upload the LED blink sketch via my updated EDU hw V11, with no problems… :slight_smile:

How’s debugging side working for you, with your Pi Pico…?

For the last few days I’ve been tinkering with a STM32 “Black Pill”, uploading and debugging
with PlatformIO…

It goes smoothly and works repeatedly, no problems or aggravations…