Question about Sparkfun nrf52832 board support

I was looking through github and I saw a few topics related to getting the Sparkfun nrf52832 breakout board supported. The comments look like it they’re suggesting the supported was merged into the nordicnrf52 platform, but I don’t see any specific board support for it in any of the files and this board is not an available option when creating a new project.

Since the board and bootloader is similar to the Adafruit nrf52832 and also uses nrfutil to upload (although Sparkfun distributes a custom nrfutil to match their bootloader), I tried to hack the Adafruit nrf52832 package to work with the Sparkfun board, but failed miserably. There are a couple of pin differences but everything else should be the same.

Am I missing something and is this board already supported through the nrf52 platform, or is it still in the works? If not, has anyone gotten it to work?


Hi, sorry I’m still new to github so I don’t exactly know what that means. It looks to me like it’s an open feature request with no activity? I’m assuming then it means it’s not going to be added since it’s considered low priority?

If that’s that case, and if I get the BSP working with PIO, can I post the necessary changes on that issue and it will get added to a future release?

Yes, please make a PR to Pull requests · platformio/platform-nordicnrf52 · GitHub