Question about Pi Pico Sketch Uploads in MacOS - Disk Not Ejected Properly


I develop using CLion in MacOS with PlatformIO.

I’ve been working on a project using a Raspberry Pi Pico, and I’m able to write code and upload to the Pico from within CLion without any problems.

However, after I upload the sketch, MacOS throws a warning

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 3.32.21 PM

Yet before an upload, the Pico isn’t connected as a drive, so I’m not sure why this warning happens.

I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced the same issue and/or has figured out how to make that warning stop happening.

I of course remember that when I plugged the pico into the computer when it was brand new, it mounted up as a drive. But after I uploaded the first sketch, it no longer mounts as a drive, but I’m not sure how PlatformIO uploads sketches to the pico - meaning is it a file transfer to a mounted drive? Or is it a serial upload to a com port? And can that method be modified or examined somewhere in the configs?

Ultimately, I just need the warning to stop, and disabling it on an OS level, though it would make it stop, it would have the side effect of not knowing when my other external drives all of a sudden find themselves disconnected when i didn’t disconnect them.

Thank you,


That message is ‘normal’ as the Pico simply stops looking like a disk drive and becomes the serial line (if that is how the app has been sent up).
I’m not sure what you mean by the Pico not being a drive before the upload but that you can upload the sketch. You can ONLY upload the sketch when the Pico is mounted as a drive.

What I mean is that when the pico is plugged in and I go into Finder, I do not see it mounted as a drive, and when I get a listing of /Volumes, it does not show up as a mounted volume.

In spite of that, when I upload a sketch with CLion, the sketch uploads and I get the warning about disconnecting the external drive (that was not mounted in the first place). What I am assuming is that somehow, PlatformIO leverages the USB port of the Pico, then puts it into a mounted drive mode, then uploads the sketch and then pulls it from being mounted and that process happens so fast, I never see the pico mounted as a drive.