Qt Creator integration on mac

Hello Guys,

i could install pio under mac and followed the tutorial to compile my first project, which went fine and smooth. I created a new kit and gave the build parameters. But

  1. When i click run, Run only compiles the program. However, i need a way to upload the program to the board when i click run, which i still can not achieve.

  2. I need a way to use velogrid oder any Debugger to debug the running application over the usb cable connected to debug the running application on the board.

  3. Creating a new project should use the Qt Creator GUI, i dont have an approach in mind now, but we can speak with the Qt Creator developers.

any help is appreciated.

To get the intended experience I would highly recommend VSCode. Anyways, regarding the problems

That’s because, if doing it according to the docs, the “Build” command is equivalent to platformio -f -c qtcreator run. The run default target is to just build the firmware. You can either change the command to append -t upload to make it a “Compile & Upload” command, or somehow (I don’t work with this IDE) add a second separate target for upload.

PlatformIO is able to open a GDB server by executing pio debug --interface gdb. If QTCreator has the ability (like Eclipe, CLion, or any other IDE…) to be configured for “use this GDB binary and connect to this GDB server port while loading this ELF file”, this can be integrated. GDB binary can then be found in the <user folder>/.platformio/packages/toolchain-<your toolchain>/bin/<toolchain prefix>-gdb, GDB servers opened by e.g. OpenOCD default to 3333 and the ELF file is the .pio\build\<environment> folder.

However, PlatformIO does not implement debugging capabilities for all chips & platforms (e.g. no ESP8266), so I highly recommend to use VSCode first to check if it’s generally working.

Not sure if this is possible without modfying Qt Creator or writing some sort of plugin, if QTCreator has such a system at all.

All in all, integration with QTCreator can obviously be improved, though main effort is in VSCode and CLion. Feature requests to https://github.com/platformio/platformio-core/issues would be appreciated by the developers.