Qt Creator: Debugging (Arduino)


I’m newbie in MCU programming ,I went from desktop/server programming, and possibly some my questions are silly because of a misunderstanding the process, sorry.

So, I’d like to continue using my favorite IDE - Qt Creator, I see that your kit can geneate qmake project , that’s perfect.
I do see nothing regarding the debug. Correct if my understanding is wrong (have a arduino nano and leonardo at the moment):
there are ways for hardware debug only for those chips (ATMega32xx), debugWire and JTAG, both ones require additional devices. In other hand, in qt creator, there is a plugin BareMetal which helps to work with a chips which can expose gdbserver interface.
I found this article where the author suggests to use additional library for the app, and then app can expose gdbserver interface (with some limits) via serial port.

so the questions:

  1. First of all - is my understanding the process correct?
  2. Is there other implementation of this?
  3. is there someone else who could perform this?

PlatformIO doesn’t have debugging feature for Qt Creator. We have a separate issue to create debugging functionality for PlatformIO IDE. However, it has not been implemented yet.

Also, I recommend taking a look at my article Building and debugging Atmel AVR (Arduino-based) project using Eclipse IDE+PlatformIO.

do I understand you (from article ) right - you suggest using JTAG ICE Tool (hardware) or simulator?
not a native debugging on the device via serial port only ?

That is not native debugging. Embedders call it like “debug stub” or better “emulate debugging process”. That is not a hardware debug.

thanks a lot for the replies!

will look at your article with more attention