Pycom LoPy: automatically switch module in bootloader mode by uploader

Pycom say in their specification of expansion board 3.0:

This allows our firmware update tool to automatically put the module into bootloader mode.

So it should be possible to implement this also in the ESP32 uploader used by platformio. Would be a handy feature, because it saves setting the Pycom to upload mode manually each time when uploading code with PlatformIO.

I was wondering if PIO supported the LoPy series of boards? I haven’t seen any mention of them that the search icons could find.

The LoPy board is not specifically listed on PlatformIO Registry but since it’s just another ESP32 board with more on-board components, try a ‘normal’ ESP32 configuration like esp32dev and uploading the firmware.

Exactly, you can use every Pycom board as native ESP32 board.
Use the esp32dev configuration for start, then tailor the pin settings according to the Pycom board used. Some pin settings can be found here.