Puzzling data-evaluate-expression pop-up messages

I get frequent messages similar to this: No symbol “include” in current context. (from data-evaluate-expression include). What do they mean, are they important and can I do something to supress them?

Where does this message appear?
Can you provide more details?

Thanks for reaching out Boris, strangely I can not cause the message to appear again. I don’t know if this is connected but I noticed that the Microsoft C Make Tools extension must have updated as it was requesting a restart, which I did, and since then the error messages have not re-appeared. Do you think there could be a connection? When the messages were appearing they were in the bottom right corner of the VSC window and they stacked up vertically when there were 2 or 3 messages. If they come back again I’ll take a screen grab and let you know. Thank you again.

Looks like some update tasks where still running while you tried to build your project.

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The error message has returned!
data-evaluate-expression message

In my experience, when running the debugger, it tries to evaluate every possible text that’s underneath the mouse cursor as an expression or variable name to show you its value. Often times that fails and thus you get an annoying popup; otherwise it’s harmless.

Thanks but I wouldn’t call it harmless - my OCD is maxing out :grinning: