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Pubsubclient lib for mqtt crashing from platform = espressif32 @ ^5

Hi I am working with esp32 platformio and arduino framework…

I am having issues with the PubSubClient lib.

It was working under this platform platform = espressif32@3.5.0…

But then when I do the migration to platform = espressif32 @ ^5 I had to do this trick in order to compile…

but now when it comes to publish it crashes…

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

Please post the full project.

Hi @maxgerhardt … thanks for your suggestion… what do you mean for the full project ?


i have investigated and i found where it crashes…

boolean PubSubClient::write(uint8_t header, uint8_t *buf, uint16_t length)
    uint16_t rc;
    uint8_t hlen = buildHeader(header, buf, length);

    uint8_t *writeBuf = buf + (MQTT_MAX_HEADER_SIZE - hlen);
    uint16_t bytesRemaining = length + hlen; // Match the length type
    uint8_t bytesToWrite;
    boolean result = true;
    while ((bytesRemaining > 0) && result)
        bytesToWrite = (bytesRemaining > MQTT_MAX_TRANSFER_SIZE) ? MQTT_MAX_TRANSFER_SIZE : bytesRemaining;
        rc = _client->write(writeBuf, bytesToWrite);
        result = (rc == bytesToWrite);
        bytesRemaining -= rc;
        writeBuf += rc;
    return result;

    rc = _client->write(buf + (MQTT_MAX_HEADER_SIZE - hlen), length + hlen);
    lastOutActivity = millis();
    return (rc == hlen + length);

With 3.5.0 it is able to execute

rc = _client->write(buf + (MQTT_MAX_HEADER_SIZE - hlen), length + hlen);

with 5.0

it is crashing

Any ideas?