Publishing Library - best practices?

I’ve read the docs on library.json and pio package. It seems there is a gotcha around versioning:

Once a package is published with a given name and version, that specific name and version combination can never be used again, even if it is removed with the [pio package unpublish]( command.

Assume i have working, versioned code. I want to package & publish that code, using the same version number. It might take a few iterations before I’m happy with folder structures & examples, including how they are displayed in the registry. I definitely don’t want to ‘burn’ the existing version number associated with the code as I experiment/iterate.

Should I use dummy throwaway version numbers? Use a postfix tag on the library name? Is there a ‘test’ registry environment? Something else?

Is there a ‘how to’ guide on an iterative publishing workflow?