Publishing a new version of SignalK/SensESP?


Has the auto-publishing crawler for legacy libraries been disabled? I published a new version for SignalK/SensESP a few days ago but it never got picked up. I then tried pio package publish but it published an age-old version in the stale mairas/SensESP repo. Definitely not what I wanted!

I managed to unpublish the wrong version and then proceeded to try pio package --owner SignalK publish but got the following error:

Error: You do not have permission to publish a package using the SignalK account

How exactly should I publish a new package version? We do not own the SignalK organization but maintain a single repository there. The currently published version doesn’t compile because of backwards-incompatible changes in a dependency library and users are complaining.

My recommendation would be that platformio package publish would verify that when you try to publish a package, your email address would match one tagged as a maintainer in the package’s library.json file. Having an internal “organization” concept that doesn’t map one-to-one with GitHub organizations and their permissions is harmful for us (and for many others as well, I’d assume).

Could I also get a clarification on platformio package publish - the wording is not clear but to me it seems it’s not safe to run it from your working tree with lots of cruft in it. Wouldn’t it be possible to publish a Git(Hub) repo instead, with the publisher cloning the repo? We publish new versions rarely enough that setting up a CI/CD system for that doesn’t really make sense.

@ivankravets for this topic.

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Ahem. The root cause for the crawler not picking up the release was that someone had accidentally re-released 1.0.1 as 1.0.2. I have now made a new 1.0.3 release with correctly updated content, let’s see whether the crawler picks that up!

Also, apologies for sounding somewhat irate in the above messages… (I still think the current organization approach is potentially problematic, though.)

The crawler hasn’t so far picked up 1.0.3. Definitely need assistance by @ivankravets.


I’ve just added you to the owners of SignalK organization. Please repeat publishing.

See other useful commands Migrating from 5.x to 6.0 — PlatformIO latest documentation

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It was the issue with previous problems and your library was delayed for 2 days. Crawler calculate this automatically. I reset “errors rate” for your library/manifest. You had the issue with different version in library.json and

Please note, the only you manually publish new version - it will be removed from “autosync” mechanism.