Project will not upload but returns no errors

When I upload a sketch to my nano esp32 it will upload without any errors or problems, but the sketch does not seem to be uploaded/working.
I am using Linux Ubuntu and have started using PIO with VSCode (beforehand Arduino IDE on windows, so i don’t know if it would work with Arduino IDE on Linux).
Because i have only just started using PIO i don’t know what that could indicate.
Below my platformio.ini and a test sketch:

Thx for any help in advance

Why are you writing code in an ini file? Source files are supposed to be in src/ as .cpp files, for Arduino.

Thanks, because Arduino IDE on windows used .ini files

No, those were .ino files, not .ini.

Also .ino files should not be used in PlatformIO, the extension should be .cpp. See for conversion if needed.

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