Project Structure

I’m a bit confused about how to place some modules of a project that I’m working on;
for maintainability I separated the definitions and the declaration of functions & classes, but for now I have the *.h in ../include end the *.cpp in ../src, could be better to place those files in ..lib/<module name> ?

In that case, what is the correct use of the ../include directory and when I should place a file in that directory instead creating a module in the ../lib directory?

[EDIT 2]:
In my case I have two modules: fsUtilities and deviceManager, and the last one depends on the first, what I should do??


The README files in both folders actually explain this quite well.


Headerfiles are included by #include "headername.h"


Libraries are included by #include <libname.h>

If both are libraries, write proper library.json manifest files and add fsUtilities to the dependencies of deviceManager.

Otherwise simply put the files into include (or src) folder and use “#include”.