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Project Structure in Platformio


I’m new in PIO and I want to migrate to PlatformIO with a project I worked with Visual Micro in Visual Studio.
The Structure is ruffly like this:

- Documentation
- Parts
   - Android APP
   - PIO-Project1
  -  PIO-Project2 (a defined MOCK)
      - PIO3
      - PIO4

All is in one git-Repo.
How can I mange that with PlarformIO without go in the Project-Folder of PlatformIO? Within the Arduino-Folders I have no problem that each of it is in the structure of PlatformIO. But above…no idea how to manage it.
The project I want to swith is this

THX for any help.

There might be something useful on the docs page for platformio.ini. Particularly, include_dir and/or src_dir. Obvioulsy that structure you have outlined has multiple projects under SRC – I would assume (!) that you would point both settings at the appropriate project directory under SRC.

Try it and see how it goes.