PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR leads to a doubled drive letter in the c_cpp_properties.json

Hello all,

I found a weired behavior with my VSC PlatformIO environment.

I have a project where the following is configured in the platform.ini

build_flags =

-include /$PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR/$PIOENV/TFT_eSPI/User_Setups/Setup25_TTGO_T_Display.h

With this $PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR environment var I get a doubled drive letter in the generated c_cpp_properties.json like:

**“forcedInclude”: [

Does anybody have an idea, what I’m doing wrong or what I could do to get a single drive letter?

Many thanx

Why does the path begin with a /? That references the root of the filesystem.

Ohhh nooooo,

many thanx for that easy solution. I’m ashamed of not having seen that.
Now the correct path getting generated.

Maybe on Linux that isn’t a point, since double ‘/’ have no effect there.

Thanx a lot