Project Inspection > PIO Core Call Error


EDIT: I got the project inspection working by removing subfolders inside of src and include. Is there a way around that? Having folders for different states and fonts make organization much better.

Looking to use the Project Inspection tools within the Atom editor but I’m getting this error I can’t figure out. The project builds/uploads fine to the board, debug works and I can step through the whole program with simavr, and project inspection works for the example project, just not mine.

I’ve tried updating/upgrading the pio installation, killed the python.exe processes, changed to the dev build of pio, “pio check” works from terminal, etc. Only thing I haven’t tried is a total re-installation.

Python version 3.7.7, PlatformIO version 4.4.0a4. Any help is much appreciated!

Solved the issue! For some reason an empty header file (.h) breaks the project inspection tool. I had some header files with only comments in them. Building and uploading to the board worked fine but after I wrote some code in the header and corresponding cpp files, it worked.