Programming/memory/under the hood question

I know this could be simply too trivial, but I want to know if there are best practices associated with this situation.

I have a sensor giving temperature (bme.temperature) and humidity (bme.humidity). I’m going to add dewpoint, which uses both.

Should I make a variable ‘temperature’ and reference that, of should I have another (bme.temperature) measurement?

It seems to me that efficiency is favored by using the external sensor once. It seems like referencing a variable should be a much smaller event than reaching through wires all the way over to the BME 680.

Actually decided to calculate dewpoint at the receiver, where temperature and humidity exist as myData.temperature from the esp now struct.

Would it be better to add dewpoint to the esp now struct and calculate it at the sensor pod?

If the dew point can only be calculated from the temperature and humidity, then it’s redundant to send it over ESP Now if temp & humudity are already sent – saves a few bytes and thus makes the transmission shorter.