Programming ATtiny1604

I’ve been using the known Attiny85 for a while, but lately my projects are too big for them (mainly in ram). On the other hand, using the 328P is too much. In addition to the difficulty of welding it by hand on a custom pcb.
I’ve been watching the Attiny1604 that has twice as much ram and flash. In addition to being able to work up to 20mhz. All this in a 14-pin package, which is not too big but not as small as the attiny85. And in soic format easy to weld. And it has many more advantages!

I have been able to read that it is programmed using UPDI. But it seems that this programmer is not available in flatformio, nor is this Attiny model.

Any ideas or solutions?


Immediate solution would be to use the Arduino IDE, and Spence Konde’s megaTinyCore, using a Arduino UNO, Nano, or Pro mini as a emulated UPDI programmer. This may change in the next few weeks, as an issue tracking the addition of the megaTinyCore to PlatformIO’s atmelavr platform support has become active again in the last week.

Since the ATTiny1604 is now available when you start a new project in PlatformIO I suppose megaTinyCore is now supported? Can anyone confirm this?

I haven’t found a tutorial that didn’t involve the Arduino IDE…

Yes, per docs and definition

This is using the MegaTinyCore.


megaTinyCore support was added in the last release (1.4.0) of platform-atmelavr which was in the end of Janurary.