Program starts only after Upload (not start after unplugging and plugging USB)

Hello everyone,
I’m using a NUCLEO-F091RC (but same happens with NUCLEO-F401RE) with Arduino framework and I’m simply blinking the embedded led LD2.

After “Upload” from Platformio everything is OK… program starts and led blinks
If I unplug USB and then reconnect… program doesn’t start

Device is powered, StLink is clocking the device, reset pin is high, Boot0 is GND…
I tried to remove some soldered jumper (to isolate SWO and other stuff from stlink)
no way

Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much

So… after 2 days of investigation… i found the problem
it’s not related to platformio

just upgrade firmware of STLINK integrated on Nucleo board and then magically program starts when USB is unplugged and plugged