Problems on re-naming a registered library

I had registered a library, the old name is “Fuzzy Filament Autochanger”. The library name was changed to the new name: “Fuzzy Spooder”. GitHub repository name was changed successfully. Clicking the old pio library repository link can automatically refer to the new named library.

Used this “How to unregister a library - Libraries - PlatformIO Community” (I can only post two links as a new user) didn’t help on my situation. I am using the manifest file for arduino compliant reason.

Here is what I have done:

  • I couldn’t unpublish the old name version, because it was published more than 72 hours.
  • I used the new library name in, in old working folder, publishing resulting a new library. Both old and new exist at the same time, which is not preferred.
  • I used the new library name, in new working folder, also creating a new library under its new name. This is also not preferred.
  • I published a new version under old name, then changed the github repository manifest library name to the new name. Nothing happened yet after 12 hours. Not very clear if the PlatformIO Crawler work this way. Cannot find more info on this topic.

Here is what I wanted to be:

  • The pio library registered on its new name, without the old named library co-existent at the same time.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PIO registry: Fuzzy Filament Autochanger by georgychen · Libraries · PlatformIO
GitHub repository: FuzzyNoodle/Fuzzy-Spooder: An add-on filament autochanger for existing 3D printers, in duel-spool configuration. (

@ivankravets can maybe have a look at this.

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The library has been deleted. Please publish a new package with an updated name.

Thank you very much!

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