Problems debugging in CLion 2023.2 with PlatformIO 6.1.11

I’ve raised this under debugging as I think it is more relevant to debugging than to core.

I’ve been testing out the replacement PlatformIO plugin now for a while with JetBrains. Many of the initial issues have now been fixed, but there is an issue with debugging not detecting changes where the blame for the problem has been assigned to platformIO. This is the issue report in CLion tracker:

I’ll summarize here but the issue report has more detail including CLion logs.

Basically, whenever debug is started it does not compile the code. There is no other target that can compile said code, so you’re left with the only option of doing a clean before running. As far as i’m aware there is no other workaround. This means that it is from unusable on mbed (several minute recompile) to an annoyance on say ESP32.or RPi with short build cycles.

This used to work before the new plugin, and if I’m honest, I am surprised they closed the issue without fully indicating if an issue had been raised with you. Has an issue been raised for this or does someone need to provide the details and raise it?

It’s a bad enough issue that I’ve mainly reverted to the cmake version for now except for one test machine.

Just to point out, I’m assuming I’m fully up-to-date both sides, I’m on the latest CLion and platformIO output below:

PS C:\Users\dave> pio upgrade
You're up-to-date!
PlatformIO 6.1.11 is currently the newest version available.

A very sad state of affairs now for platformIO in CLion, debugging has the issue above which has been around since I reported it, and now CLion is broken for EarlePhilhower RPI2040 core. It is impossible to debug and has the wrong upload options (see

Whatever is going wrong with that core is very internal to JetBrains and nothing is logged that is of any use.

Given the state of the PR around that core, I’m not even sure it’s worth posting this here. SDK and CMake are looking brighter by the day.

Is there any way whatsoever to use the old CMake-based integration as at least it used to work?