Problems debugging avr4809

Hi, I was wondering about the way forward for a debugging problem I have with an AVR4809. I picked the chip because it met my needs (main one was minimum of 3 USARTS), but although Max G. helped me out a lot with getting debug set up using a microUPDI and a python script, it hasn’t continued to work effectively. I would like to stick with Platformio and vscode, it’s a really nice dev environment So, I was wondering if there’s a list of AVR chips which are debuggable ‘out of the box’ i.e. without having to experiment with third party add ons. Hopefully I can pick a chip with 3 USARTS that I can debug in PIO.

thanks for any thoughts on this.

ok, so perhaps someone may be able to throw some light on this:

In VScode, when I click run → start debug PIO starts to compile my code. As far as I am aware, debug is a runtime thing? Why compile? The code’s already on the chip and running…

thanks for any help,