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Problemas de compilacion

soy un tanto nuevo en esto de la programacion de dispositivos y migre del IDE ARDUINO a PLATFORMIO puesto que me parece super, pero tengo un inconveniente, algunas librerias RTClib, WebServer, Wifi, que estoy usando para un proyecto generan error al compilarce, no se por que ocurra esto y cual pueda ser la solucion, podria alguien ayudarme?

Hi wsandoval90, please use English as language of communication to get a more broader audience.
Please also share the compile error along with a minimal code snippet that reproduces the error; otherwise I think it is really hard to help you.

Hi schallbert,realy it’s hard for me, I’m not a good English writter, but I’ll try, could with google traslator… jejej, by the moment I have resolve the problem, well realy I have errase all the libraries from the librarie dependencies and adjust to the lib_deps in the proyect, so it has work well… by the moment It has compiled sucessfull. Thank for the interesting. I promess stay here reading about everything, realy Platformio have been a big tool for make my proyect, so thank to you all for be there for us