Problem with Spiffs

I want to use Spiffs, but am having difficulty with libraries.

When I include the line

#include <SPIFFS.h>

I get a compile error.

Compiling C:\Users\Mark\Documents_Projects_PlatformIO\build\esp12e\src\main.cpp.o
src\main.cpp:18:10: fatal error: SPIFFS.h: No such file or directory

I am assuming this is because I haven’t included the library, but when I go to home then libraries and search for spiffs, nothing comes up. A few libraries from the top I get a suggestion to use LittleFS.

I could go that route, but I want to use Spiffs.

Any help?
Thanks, Mark.

SPIFFS is currently deprecated and may be removed in future releases of the core. Please consider moving your code to LittleFS. SPIFFS is not actively supported anymore by the upstream developer, while LittleFS is under active development, supports real directories, and is many times faster for most operations.

See Filesystem — ESP8266 Arduino Core 3.1.2-21-ga348833 documentation

It looks like the announced removal of the SPIFFS library has happened.
I recommend to use LittleFS instead.

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