Problem with MiniCore

I have been trying to add a custom board. But i have repeatably ran into the one problem: It tells me that it cannot find arduino.h while building.

I have been troubleshooting:
I imported the standard blink sketch called “201226-183615-arduino-blink” (did not modify anything). When i build this i get this result:

Environment     Status    Duration
--------------  --------  ------------
uno             SUCCESS   00:00:00.617
lightblue-bean  SUCCESS   00:00:00.642
attiny13        SUCCESS   00:00:00.588
digispark-pro   SUCCESS   00:00:00.628
digispark-tiny  SUCCESS   00:00:00.665
dwenguino       SUCCESS   00:00:00.629
ATmega16        SUCCESS   00:00:00.651
ATmega48        FAILED    00:00:00.537
AT90CAN64       SUCCESS   00:00:00.646
ATmega324PB     SUCCESS   00:00:00.638
ATmega328PB     FAILED    00:00:00.533
nibo2           SUCCESS   00:00:00.618
panStampAVR     SUCCESS   00:00:00.625
attiny828       SUCCESS   00:00:00.606
attiny441       SUCCESS   00:00:00.604
ATmega8515      SUCCESS   00:00:00.650
prusa_rambo     SUCCESS   00:00:00.600

The two boards that failed have the same “core”: “MiniCore” which is exactly the same as my custom board. Similarly, for those two boards, I get the same warning: “src\Blink.cpp:7:21: fatal error: Arduino.h: No such file or directory”

Am I missing something here? Do I need to install anything?

Full platformio.ini?

Well, the problem appeared to be my ISP. Everytime I downloaded something the internet shut of. Incomplete download of the atmel AVR platform caused this.