Problem with installing platformIO IDE

Hello I’ve been trying to install Project IO IDE on Visual Studio Code since yesterday, but for some reason I’m getting an error whenever it tries to install the PlatformIO Core but it give me an error after some time has passed.

platformIO error code

I have my firewall and windows defender disabled, so I have no idea what is happening with this, i have the latest python interpreter 3.10. please help me, I need this extension for a project in my college.

The error message definitely shows that the “Total Defense\Internet Security Suite\Anti-Phishing” software comes in between the installation.

that directory isn’t there, I checked, and there’s nothing in program files

Maybe it’s a hidden folder? There’s an option in Win Explorer to show hidden files and directories. Under “options” if I remember correctly – I’m a Linux user.

Alternatively, can you cd to the folder in the commandline session?

EDIT: As the path has spaces in it, you will probably need to wrap the entire thing in double quotes, as in:

c:\>   cd "c:\program files\Total Defense\Internet Security Suite\Anti-Phishing"


The path C:\Program Files\Total Defense must exist, the output references it.

Your antivirus program is hijacking some certificate database that is crashing the install. It’s very clear from the output.