Problem with Extensions

Hi, I am very new to PlatformIO but am so far very impressed but the learning curve is quite steep for me, I have been using Arduino for about 5 years now and program with both ArduinoIDE and Atmel Studio but think PIO is far better. One problem I have up to now is that on startup the folling warning appears and I cannot seem to find a cure. :-

“Conflicted extensions with IntelliSense service were detected (Arduino). Code-completion, linting and navigation will not work properly. Please disable or uninstall them (Menu > View > Extensions).”

I did seem to have 2 C/C++ extentions and deleted one but the warning is still there, I only have 3 extensions installed PlatformIO IDE 1.7.1, Arduino 0.2.26 and C/C++ Intellisence 0.23.1

I hope someone can help cure this.

Many thanks


That’s the conflicting extension. Did you remove that?

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Hi maxgerhardt, Thanks for the reply, I realize that there is an extension conflict but I am uncertain which extension and what would be the consequences of removing it. I only seem to have 3 extensions and one of those is the PlatformIO the other is the Arduino and the C++.

Yes, as I said, it’s the Arduino extension. You should only have the C++ Intellisense and PlatformIO.


Thanks, I thought I had to have the Arduino extension in order to program the Arduino chip, I shall remove it and see if that does the trick, I am very new to PIO and am very impressed with it.


No, there is no need to have the Arduino extension installed to program the Arduino… PlatformIO can and does that itself. The Arduino extension is for people who want to just move from the Arduino IDE to VSCode (i.e. just want the better editor). PlatformIO is like the next level again, when you ditch the Arduino IDE entirely (so it’s not skulking in the background doing code compiles or managing uploads, etc) and have much nicer cross-platform support and much more control over your project environment.

Hi, thanks for the explanation, as I mentioned I am very new to PIO and as I am using esp modules more it is much easier using this IDE, So does PIO still use Arduino IDE in the background or can it be removed, your comments suggest it can?.
I particularly like the ability to configure almost everything, but finding out how to do that takes a lot of time!

I only finally made the jump to PlatformIO recently, and haven’t regretted it one bit… there are some minor issues at times but they are usually due to Microsoft’s VSCode editor, not PIO proper…

PIO does not use the Arduino IDE at all… it provides/manages it’s own self-contained compiler toolchain and board support packages.

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