Problem with build IRLib2

I have created new project for arduino nano and install IRLib2 (PlatformIO Registry). After this I wanted to compile simple project including one of the base headers from IRLib2. Everytime I have an info that that fie not exists. For example IRLibDecodeBase.h: No such file or directory.

How I can make this library compile? I can move all file to Lib folder from .piolibdeps but I don’t want to do it everytime I will update the lib.

See my answer here

For me it is still not working but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I init new blank project with empty setup and loop. Next install IRLib2 and try to include IRLibDecodeBase.h but it is still failing during compile. Correct me if there is something additional to do.

Try this platformio.ini

platform = ...

lib_deps =

lib_extra_dirs = .piolibdeps/IRLib2

Ok - now it works :slight_smile: