Problem compiling for Wio Lite Risc-v Board

Error when compiling for wio-lite-pisc-v board using demo Blink app. Compiles for other GD32 boards in the family but not mine.
Here’s the ini file:

platform = gd32v
framework = arduino
board = gd32vf103v-eval
monitor_speed = 115200

platform = gd32v
framework = arduino
board = sipeed-longan-nano
monitor_speed = 115200

platform = gd32v
framework = arduino
board = wio_lite_risc-v
monitor_speed = 115200

problem finding pins_arduino.h

 36 | #include "pins_arduino.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
*** [.pio\build\wio_lite_risc-v\src\Blink.cpp.o] Error 1
*** [.pio\build\wio_lite_risc-v\FrameworkArduino\Common.cpp.o] Error 1
===================================================== [FAILED] Took 10.60 seconds =====================================================

Environment         Status    Duration
------------------  --------  ------------
gd32vf103v-eval     SUCCESS   00:00:09.872
sipeed-longan-nano  SUCCESS   00:00:04.801
wio_lite_risc-v     FAILED    00:00:10.597
================================================ 1 failed, 2 succeeded in 00:00:25.270 ================================================
The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1

Reproducable. The JSON definition for this board states

But there is no wio_lite_risc-v variant folder in the official arduino framework for it (Maixduino/variants at master · sipeed/Maixduino · GitHub). But not even the Maixduino/boards.txt at master · sipeed/Maixduino · GitHub lists something like the “WIO Lite RISC-V”, so what board do you use in the Arduino IDE then for it? Apparently in the screenshot at it shows a successfull PIO build at some point, but this is with the SDK framework and not Arduino. So does the Arduino framework even support that board or only the GigaDevice GD32V SDK?

@ivankravets is this to be handled by you or Issues · sipeed/platform-gd32v · GitHub?

Hey Max,
Sorry, didn’t see your response on this one. I just posted a new topic concerning this very issue.
I added a wio_lite_risc-v variant folder with a modified pins.arduino.h and c files and it now compiles fine. I also modifies the #define LED_BUILTIN to PA8 in the Blink.cpp app

Now all I have to do is get the serial driver running and I’ll be in business…I hope
Thanks again,