Problem building with Seeeduino Arch Pro

Hi, I have following problem when I try to build code.

  • First, the code can build with the last versions of the mbed-library (117?) and Platformio 2.9.5dev.
  • The project is using the ethernet functionality.
  • The code can build correctly with the original NXP LPC 1768 board, it is the same micro controller.
    Here is the error I get:

Confirmed, sorry for the inconvenience. Temporarily, you can revert to v117 from this link, just unpack the archive to your PlatformIO home directory: /home/user/.platformio/framework-mbed and install the stable PlatformIO 2.9.5.

Hmmm, when i change in platformio.ini the board type to lpc1768 it can build and the uploaded
programm works fine.

That’s OK, the issue appears only on the boards with a custom vendor due to the new structure of mbed ethernet library. Let’s keep your config with lpc1768 board until I fix this issue.
Sorry again for the nuisance.

Please test latest dev version. Does it work?

Now it works, thank you.