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Premium Support not recognizing my account

I recently subscribed to PIO Plus Professional For Business. The email from @ivankravets said that I would be upgraded to Premium Support. I just tried to file a Support Ticket, but the system did not recognize my credentials (email/pw). I clicked on Forgot my Password link (although I know I have correct pw) and system said it would send me reset password link. I have gone through this process twice and have received no email in over an hour. Checked Junk Mail and Spam, but nothing there.

Of note: I have logged in and out of PIO using VSCode with no problem. My account is recognized with all permissions.

How do I use Premium Support?

Sorry for the issue, please check your email, you should receive in invitation to the premium ticket system.

P.S: if someone has similar issue, please send the first question to support @ pioplus . com

Thank you, Ivan. All set now.

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